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Personal Concierge & Errand Service


  • Personal Concierge

  • Domestic Services

  • Event, Travel, Special
    Occasion Planning

  • Office Assistance

  • Shopping & Errand

Personal Concierge –
Comprehensive Personal and Executive Assistance to Help Simplify Your Daily Life


You can be at two different places at the same time!


Simplifying and becoming organized at home or at work is a very personal process, and an on-going one, rather than a specific end result that comes from following constraining rules. With a sensitive ear and eye, plus many tools and ideas, we will work with you to create practical and simple systems that make sense to you and that you can sustain - systems that get you, your event or your space as simplified as you want and need to be.


Would you like more
leisure time?
More time for:








Are you tired of spending
your free time performing mundane errands?

Grocery Shopping

Pet Appointments

Personal Shopping

Vehicle Services

Business Shopping

Post Office



Could you use help
with some of life's chores?


Event Planning

Pet Sitting

Service Coordination

Holiday Activities


Whether you're running a household or have a demanding career, quality time with family and friends is lost when the "to do" list kicks into overdrive. With longer commutes, longer work hours and children engaged in after school activities time is of the essence for two-income families. Having a personal assistant for only a few hours a week or month, could make all the difference in your life, allowing you to focus on the things that truly matter to you. We are offering comprehensive personal and executive assistance. Just Simplify Me was designed to help provide peace of mind for hard working families and individuals by helping them balance life's demands by conquering your to do list with reliability, discretion, and caring. We will manage the stress and chaos of everyday life by taking care of those details that often overwhelm us.


  • Are you a busy parent trying to juggle family and career?
  • Need help running errands, organizing the house, or facilitating home repairs and maintenance work. We can help!
  • Are you a senior who isn't able to do as much as you used to and could use a little extra help.
  • Or maybe you are a busy professional who spends long hours at the office? Travel, booking, house sitting and event planning will be all taken care of.
  • Whether its grocery shopping for a single dad or picking up gifts for a new mom are just some of the things we can help you with.

Domestic Services


Need help running errands, organizing the house, or facilitating home repairs and maintenance work. We can help!.


Doctor appointments, kids checkups, pet appointments, we can scheduled them for you!


We also offer:

  • Absentee Home Checks

  • Pet Sitting

  • Shopping – groceries, gifts, daily needs

  • Housekeeping

  • Pickups & Deliveries - documents, prescriptions, dry cleaning, post office

  • Organizing, De-cluttering closets, pantry, kids play area

  • Cleaning

Special Occasion Planning / Travel / Entertainment Arrangements


Planning a special occasion or event?

We can assist with:

  • selecting the perfect venue

  • decorating

  • ordering food, drinks

  • music, entertainment arrangements

  • print out and send the invitations to your party


Travel and hotel bookings, house or pet sitting, and event planning are just some of the things we can help you with at Just Simplify!

Home Office Assistance


Just Simplify offers home office assistance inluding:

  • Filing/Organizing/Sorting

  • Follow Up Communication

  • Invoicing/Billing/Letters

  • Trade Show Assistance

  • Scheduling Appointments & Meetings

  • Research, Data Entry, Courier

  • Conference/Workshop Planning

  • Mailings, Thank You Cards

  • Office Supply Stocking/Organizing

  • Meeting & Conference Assistance

  • Travel Arrangements

  • Emergency Errands

  • Event Assistance

Shopping & Errand Services


Whether it's doing the grocery shopping for a single Dad or gift shopping for the neighbor kids' birthday, we can do it all.


Most requested Services include:

  • Dry Cleaning Pick Up & Drop Off

  • Grocery Shopping

  • Personal shopping (gifts, clothes, returns/exchanges, hard-to-find items)>

  • General Errands (Prescriptions, Mail, Library, Bookstore)

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